Dr. Paul’s Cryolipostatic Vest

Our cryolipostatic vest that contains both cold thermogenesis effect and cryolipostatic technique is

Surgery free, Injection free, Pain free, Side-effect free Eliminate your fat.

Also, it is possible to use semi-permanently with much less cost compared to hospital procedures.

First principal of lipolysis

Cold thermogenesis effect is first found in the 1960s by former NASA researcher Prof. Wayne Hayes. Based on his findings, calorie consuming vests were invented. When exposed to cold, our body uses brown adipose as a fuel to raise body temperature. Our product is very effective in its original cold thermogenesis effects.

Second principal of lipolysis

There are many calorie consuming vests using cold thermogenesis effects. However, Dr. Paul’s Cryolipostatic Vest is specialized in selectively eliminating fat cells. Cold may also cause damage to normal cells, so we have continuously tried to minimize this side-effect and finally come out with a side-effect free product. We have spent 10 years solely developing the material used in the vest and the refrigerant, designing the most effective cryolipostatic technique.

The application of Cryolipostatic Vest

The first 15 minutes are the introductory state of which the white adipose tissue is changing to brown adipose tissue.

For the first 30 minutes, the Cryolipostatic Vest enters the Cold Flat stage when the refrigerant of the vest and the skin cell temperature is maintained the same.

From that stage on, up to 60 minutes, the brown adipose consumption rate is maintained to its maximum state.

We call this the Cold Peak state.

Brown adipose consumption will continue for another 60 minutes after the vest is removed.

The Cryolipostatic technique induces fat cells to be eliminated. This effect will be shown slowly when the product is used for 2 weeks or longer.

Also at least 2 more weeks are required to completely discard fat cells.

Therefore, the product needs to be used consistently for at least a month.

For people with less fat, the change may be visible after 2 or 3 months of product use.


a. Refrigerate the refrigerant of the Cryolipostatic Vest for more than 6 hours.

The refrigeration may be done in a normal freezer of household refrigerator.

Our refrigerant is designed to be optimized best in a household environment, therefore it is advised to avoid industrial freezers such as nitrogen tanks at all costs.


b. Place the refrigerant, that is effective for selectively exterminating fat cells, to the pockets of the Cryolipostatic Vest.


c. Wear it for 1 hour.

Exercising with the vest on will show better results.


d. Thermogenesis process is still effective after the vest is removed up to an hour.

Please warm your body in a room-temperature environment except for exceptional cases.

It is fine to cover the body with blankets.


a.  For your skin to get used to the vest, please use the vest for no longer than 5~15 minutes. Then for the next week, gradually increase the wearing time by 5~10 minutes per day.

Total wearing time is limited to 1 hour.


b. Immediately stop using the product when the skin becomes painful.

Please consult with the hospital of which you have purchased the product or your doctor if the pain continues.


c. Mild pain and slight redness of the skin is a normal reaction caused by the refrigerant.


d. Please wear an everyday cotton t-shirt as the inner wear for the Cryolipostatic Vest.

Wearing the vest on bear skin may cause the skin to be overly cold. Wearing the vest over a thick clothing may decrease the effect of the product.



Q. Where may I purchase it? Is it possible to purchase it online?

A. Our product is applied with the latest science and medical technology, showing far superior effect compared to other companies’ product. The product may be purchased after consulting with the Dr. Paul’s affiliated hospital within the US. Medical consulting is limited because our consultants are not doctors. Sales abroad depends on each branch or distributors’ policies.


Q. I have bought the product at $299 from the affiliated hospital. Why does it cost less than the cover price of $499? I know that the material used in the vest and the refrigerant could be quite expensive. Is it a fake?

A. Our refrigerant and vest is adapted with selective fat cell eliminating technology unlike the other products from other companies, therefore higher the price. Despite being beta tested, we have blocked all possible ways for the fake products to be made and distributed, using Blockchain monitoring system from IT companies based on the Silicon Valley. There hasn’t been any failure in this system so far. The product is genuine if purchased from an affiliated hospital. There has been a period when the consumer participated in a promotion, they could purchase the product for $299.



Q. I am concerned of side-effects due to radical fat loss. How long does it last?

A. Dr. Paul’s Cryolipostatic Vest does not only cause the fat cells to contract, it also eliminates and discards the fat cells out of the body. Thanks to these double effects, it is now more effective compared to other calorie consuming vests. Because of Dr. Paul’s research lab’s selective fat cell eliminating technology, there are no side-effects. The fat cells will be discarded out of the body; therefore, the effects will last for 1 year. However, depending on the life style, the effects may differ.


Q. I have seen positive effects on my stomach and want to try on other body parts. Is it possible to try on Dr. Paul’s refrigerant on other parts such as thighs?

A. It is possible. Make sure to apply the product once it is in the vest pocket. Please use the vest pocket the way it is designed to maximize the cryolipostatic effect. The application is the same. 1 hour, twice a day.


Q. I feel hungry after using the Dr. Paul’s Cryolipostatic Vest. I think this is caused by calorie loss. What should I do?

A. Do not endure the hunger. It is like feeling the same hunger when a body temperature drops while swimming. Dr. Paul’s Cryolipostatic Vest eliminates fat cells out of the body, so no diet is needed while using our product. Just avoid overly greasy food. Please maintain your everyday diet.